Ángel Ricardo Ríos

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Cuba, b.1965

Angel Ricardo Rios was born in Cuba in 1965, and he graduated from the Higher Institute of Art in Havana Cuba. Ricardo’s work has an eagerness to it, a blur of boundaries within the space that it occupies. The mixing and intertwining of subjects give way to explosions of color, texture, shape. To understand Ricardo’s work one must acknowledge two essential elements. The first is a playful, joyful and intimate relationship that takes the form of an intense, frenzied sexual nature within the composition. Juxtaposed to this is one that is more relaxed and direct.

Ricardo has exhibited individually since 1981 in multiple institutions including Chapo University Museum, Popular Art Museum in Mexico City, Galeria Luis Sandoval Contemporary Art in Mexico City and Fernando Pradilla Gallery in Madrid. He has exhibited collectively in Zona Maco in Mexico City, Art Miami and Biennial of Havana in Cuba. Ricardo has received a number of awards and mentions including Honorable Mention in the fourth Biennial of Visual Arts Yucatan Mexico as well as multiple publications including Art Magazine Spain and Art Nexus


1989 Higher Insitute of Art of Havana, Cuba
1984 National School of Art San Alejandro, Havana, Cuba.


015 LA Art Show Los Angeles California
Special project for the contemporary art fair
2014 Building Bridges. Art Exchance, Santa Monica, USA.
Galeria Terreno Baldío. Mexico City
2012 Wynwood Exhibition Center – Miami Florida (October 13)
Our baroque every day . Gallery THE MUSEUM. Bogotá, Colombia (October 13)
The Sofa Uncomfortable . Chopo University Museum (April) Mexico City
2011 Galeria Terreno Baldío Mexico City (December)
Talavera Museum ALARCA Puebla, Mexico (December)
Obsessions. Museum of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit. Mexico DF
2010 Objects of desire . Fernando Pradilla Gallery. Madrid, Spain (July)
arteconsult (Aleman & Grimberg & Yaco García) Panama (March)
2009 Nomadic sculptures . Biennial of Havana UNEAC. Havana, Cuba (March 27)
2008 ART inc . GALLERY Guayaquil, Ecuador
Project SCULPTURES NOMADS. Museum of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico. Mexico City
Galeria Luis Sandoval Contemporary Art. Mexico City (May).
2007 Gallery SEVIL SERT Istanbul Turkey (May 24)
2006 Gallery THE Bogota MUSEUM. Colombia
Gallery Klaus Steinmetz. San José Costa Rica (August 8)
Generator Gallery. San Miguel de Allende. Mexico
The Garden of Tapestries Galeria Fernando Pradilla. Madrid, Spain (March 30)
2005 Everyday forms Gallery of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit. Mexico DF
This is not a sofa Galeria Lucía de la Puente. Lima, Peru (November 10)
2004 ADHOC Gallery. Vigo, Spain (November 25)
Myto Gallery, Mexico City
2003 Ángel Romero Gallery. Madrid, Spain
2002 Myto Gallery. Mexico DF
Recent work . Jacobo Carpio Gallery. Costa Rica
2001 This is not a chair . Havana Gallery Havana, Cuba (September 14)
University of Guanajuato. Mexico (March 12)
2000 Gallery Jacobo Carpio San José. Costa Rica
MI CASA Gallery Nina Menocal. Mexico City
1999 Angel Romero Gallery. Madrid, Spain
Freites-Revilla Gallery. Coral Gables, FL. US
The source, Tower of the Winds. Mexico City
1998 Domestic sculpture . Nina Menocal Gallery. Mexico DF
1997 The other space . Nina Menocal Gallery / Chopo University Museum. Mexico City
1996 Gallery Art & Idea. Mexico DF
1994 The comfortable house . Nina Menocal Gallery. Mexico City
1991 Provincial Center of Plastic Arts and Design. Havana, Cuba
1988 Gallery L. Havana, Cuba
1984 José Martí National Library. Havana Cuba


2014 2014 BUGATTI International Award, edition 55 (collective exhibition, June)
Manos por México . Frank Mayer Museum. Mexico DF.
Fernando García Ponce MACAY Museum. Merida, Mexico
Santiago Corral Gallery, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
2013 Crossover. Museum of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Mexico DF.
MACA ZONE, Contemporary Art Fair. Zafra Design & Art. Mexico City.
2012 Contemporary Mexican Art . Palace of Egypt Cultural Center. Oeiras, Portugal
Crossing Borders: New objects for the domestic space. Zafra Design & Art, Mexico City.
Contemporary Art Fair AQUA12. Miami, USA.
MACA ZONE, Contemporary Art Fair. Mexico DF.
Cuba . Contemporary Art Gallery SALTFINEART. Los Angeles, USA.
2011 ARTE-SANO Popular Art Museum. Mexico DF. (October)
Visions of Mexican Art . ON-Tak Cheung of the Chinese Cultural Center. Vancouver, Canada.
2010 MACA ZONE, MACA ZONE, Contemporary Art Fair. Fernando Pradilla Gallery. Mexico DF.
ART MADRID, Fernando Pradilla Gallery. Madrid, Spain (February 2010)
Portugal Art 10. International Biennial of Art. Portimao, Portugal.
2009 Fourth Biennial of Visual Arts Yucatan, Mexico
Contemporary Art 2009, annual auction (group of sixteen)
Contemporary Art Auction Museum of Anthropology. Mexico City (June 8)
HERE WE ARE Proyects Gallery. Philadelphia, USA (May)
International Art Fair. ARTEAMERICA. Miami, FL. (March)
FEMACO International Art Fair. Mexico City (April 25)
2008 Project . Giant and the City. Miami, FL (December 2-7)
2007 ARTEROTICO, The origin of the world. Puebla, Mexico (August 19)
Museum of the Ministry of Finance. Mexico DF
MACA ZONE, Contemporary Art Fair. México DF
2006 ZONA MACO, Contemporary Art Fair. Mexico DF
International Art Fair. Caracas, Venezuela
2005 ARCO 05, Contemporary Art Fair. Madrid Spain.
2003 VII Biennial of Havana. Havana, Cuba
Bienal de Monterrey, Mexico
2002 First Visual Arts Biennial of Yucatán. Merida, Mexico, December
XI Biennial “Rufino Tamayo”, Mexico City.
Double interior. Gallery ARTE 3, León. Guanajuato, Mexico.
Contemporary Art Fair Monterrey, NL. Mexico
2001 Contemporary Art Fair Guadalajara. Jalisco, Mexico
VIDEO-ZAPPING, Video installations . University of Guanajuato, Mexico.
Contemporary Art Fair, Jacobo Carpio Gallery. Caracas Venezuela.
Chicago Art. Nina Menocal Gallery. USA
Habitad + Global . University of Guanajuato. Mexico
ART MIAMI. Jacobo Carpio Gallery. USA
2000 EROGENA . Carrillo GIL Museum. Mexico DF
Calidoscopio . Bancomex-Contemporary Sinudetes. Mexico DF
ART MIAMI. Nina Menocal Gallery. USA
1999 Collective of Artists . Nina Menocal Gallery. Mexico City
On Paper Gallery Nina Menocal. Mexico City
1998 Bancomer Hall, Mexico City
Rufino Tamayo Biennial. Mexico DF
ART CHICAGO. Navy Pier. Gallery Nina Menocal USA
Current Cuban Art . Museum of Carmen. Mexico DF
Arco, Contemporary Art Fair. Art & Idea Gallery. Madrid Spain.
1997 Art in Other. VI International Contemporary Art Fair. Nina Menocal Gallery. Guadalajara, Mexico
Expo Arte Guadalajara. VI International Contemporary Art Fair. Nina Menocal Gallery. Guadalajara Mexico.
Unusual dialogues Art Object. Museum of Modern Art. Mexico DF
ART 97, International Art Fair. Nina Menocal Gallery. Vancouver, Canada.
III Monterrey Biennial. Mexico.
765 Gallery. Mexico DF
1995 Installation Project. Tepoztlán, Mexico
1994 Expo Arte Guadalajara. Mexico
1993 Art Miami. International Art Fair. Nina Menocal Gallery. Mexico City
1992 The Cubans arrived already II . Nina Menocal Gallery. Mexico DF
The prodigious decade. Cuban Plastic of the 80s . Chopo University Museum. Mexico City
1991 Project Naves. Convent of Santa Teresa. Mexico City
Small Format Sculpture. Varadero, Cuba
Sculptures. . University of Venezuela Caracas, Venezuela
Sculptures. . Gallery 23 and 12. Havana, Cuba
Facilities Ecological Art Symposium. Las Tunas, Cuba
1990 FacilitiesSalon Landscape 1990. Cuba
Installations Store Displays Centro Habana, Cuba
The sculpture object . Center for the Development of the Visual Arts. Havana, Cuba
1989 Sculptures. ELSO PADILLA Room Havana Cuba
Performance . Theater Festival the SINOR Havana, Cuba
Installation. Instituto Superior de Arte Habana, Cuba
Soft and fresh. National Museum of Fine Arts Havana, Cuba
Facilities. Provincial Center of Plastic Arts and Design Havana, Cuba
1986 Relay. Higher Institute of Art, II Biennial of Havana, Cuba

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