Jane Puylagarde

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French, b.1958
Jane Puylagarde is a painter who lives and works in France.

In the 1980s Jane Puylagarde was a stylist and launched her own prêt-à-porter line which rapidly attracted both a French and international clientele. Her career took another tangent when in Mexico, she met a female artisan painter. Watching her embellish her local potteries with myriad little colourful dots influenced Jane Puylagarde to turn her hand to painting and ultimately to make it her life goal.

In the early 1990s, back in Paris, Jane produced her first paintings. Armed with her hair pins, and exempt from traditional painting techniques, she deposited paint in a series of droplets until an harmonious landscape was obtained. Her works are exclusively composed of these droplets. Jane works on the canvas before it is stretched. She handles this flexible material like an embroiderer and adorns it with a multitude of little pearls of coloured paint. ” The whole process came about very naturally, with a desire to increase the density and the height of the droplets to better isolate them and thus expose the role of each one. Just like each particle is linked with its neighbor forming swirls, spirals and cosmic settings, each and every shadow amplifies the depth of the picture (…)” she explains. It’s the encounter between these groups of dots and the variable texture which gives the picture its movement. Abstract, monochrome and brimming with substance the works of Jane Puylagarde conger up as much aerial views of landscapes as milky ways and cloud formations.

Puylagarde has been regularly exhibited in Parisian and International galleries.



“Ask the Stone”, group show, Artistics, Paris, France


“Cosmic Happenings II”, Galerie de l’Europe, solo show, Paris, France
Imaginart Gallery, solo show, Barcelona, Spain
Galerie de l’Europe, solo show, Paris, France
Galerie Scarlett Megève, solo show, Megève, France


“Turbulence et Renaissance”, group show, Paris, France
Galerie de l’Europe, solo show, Paris, France
Bettina Von Arnim Gallery, solo show, Paris, France
Boulevard Raspail Art Center, solo show, Paris, France
Galerie Atelier Saint-Honoré, solo show, Paris, France
Imaginart Gallery, solo show, Barcelona, Spain


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