Niclas Castello

Screen Shot 2020 01 13 at 4.14.20 PM Niclas Castello

The contemporary shooting-star artist Niclas Castello is writing art history by red-defining the relationship between painting and sculpture. With his Cube Paintings, he sets a new and genuine milestone in the antique paragon. For the very first time in human history, an artist destroys his own masterpieces to create out of them new artworks and at the same time transforms true paintings into veritable sculptures.

The accumulation and corollary of ideas is absolutely unique. One one hand, the Cube Paintings by Niclas Castello are the reversion of the history archetype of the  box in the art, Kurt Schwitter’s famous Merzbau. On the other hand, the Cube paintings contain the macrocosm of a whole world in the microcosm of a limited space, like medieval shrines for saint relicts, baroque cabinets of wonder, or the innovative artists boxes by Marcel Duchamp, Joseph Cronell, the New Realists, Fluxus, and Joseph Beuys.

The simultaneous destruction and creation in the art have the origin in the collages of Dada, culminate in the conceptual art of the sixties, and climax today with Jake and Dino Chapman’s refaced prints by Goya, Ai Weiwei’s reconstructions with spoils and antiques, and – of course – Niclas Castello’s brilliant Cube Paintings.

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