Lino Lago : CRASH

Solana Beach, California – Madison Gallery announces Lino Lago’s CRASH the artist’s third solo exhibition with Madison Gallery. Born in Spain in 1973 Lino Lago is known for his peekaboo gestures over realistic oil-painted portraits and interiors creating a palimpsest of the old and the new. In this exhibition Lino’s gestures explode over historically significant themes in his works by master painters of bygone eras, such as the 16th century painter Titian and the great 19th century French Neoclassicist, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres.

 “Painting was for me always something simple: You just needed to paint what you see. We as artists have a profound understanding of what “to see” really means. A salvage splash of colour contradicts another slow and meticulous work of copying a master classic painting. On one hand I include the past, the process of learning as a fundamental part of us, a humble idea of creation and originality. On the other hand we find it is negation, a daring explosion which destroys and changes everything. A new light. 

The contradictions we are  made of. The everyday fight of memories and dreams, facts and expectations. The wild experience of changing and being alive. The captivating energy’s explosions and acts of courage fueling our successes and mistakes. The unavoidable surprises (old and new) that will always amaze and enrich our minds and senses. Our own views crashing with another’s.” 
– Lino Lago on CRASH

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