Matt Devine & Jeff Kahm – Between the L.I.N.E.S.

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Matt Devine & Jeff Kahm
“Between the LINES”
On View: February 15, 2014 – March 15, 2014
Opening Reception: Saturday, : February 15, 2014
6:00–9:00 p.m. rsvp only.

Madison Gallery
1020 Prospect, Ste 130
La Jolla, California

For Immediate Release:

January 2014 – (San Diego, CA)
Madison Gallery is pleased to present a two-man exhibition pairing sculptor, Matt Devine and painter, Jeff Kahm in “Between the LINES.”
The line is the first species of quantity, with only one dimension, namely length and is the straight extension between points. The space between two lines can be an infinite array of possibilities but usually a space that is parallel and hard-edged.

“Between the LINES “emphasizes the use of the line and its multidimensional aspect that both Devine and Kahm have mastered.

As his third exhibition at Madison Gallery, Devine will unveil six new works for this exhibition, including a seven foot tall metallic wave constructed of chrome rods. “My work is a meditation on the balance and order of the natural world as well as an effort to manage the discord that arrives from the constant noise of the man-made world. My most recent collection reveals an expansion of clarity, a more complex expression of this balance while attempting to harness the chaos of our surroundings in controlled and meaningful form.” – Matt Devine

The balance of Matt Devine’s artwork is curated alongside the hard-edged acrylic paintings of Canadian artist, Jeff Kahm. Kahm’s indigenous heritage has influenced his minimalistic paintings by creating a layering process of pigment and paint that reveals the under-paint. Combined with indigenous design motifs and appreciation for post modernism and color field abstraction, Kahm reiterates the powerful simplicity of the line. With influences of geometric abstractionists such as Frank Stella and Ken Noland, Kahm exploits the historic relevance of the linear form.

“Geometric structures like stripes are the most recognizable of all the patterns and have been used throughout the centuries. These structures infinitely repeat and are an effective vehicle for exploring compositional variations.” – Jeff Kahm

“Between the LINES” is a curated exhibition of both new and past works by Devine and Kahm that emphasize the significance of the infinite void inherently created by the execution of the line.

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