Palm Springs Art Fair


Exhibition dates: February 11th – 14th, 2016

Opening Night VIP Preview: February 11th, 2016 (6 – 9:30pm)*

Venue: Palm Springs Convention Center, Oasis 2

277 North Avenida Caballeros

Palm Springs, CA 92262

Booth: 209

Contact us: 858-459-0836/
IMG 6896 Palm Springs Art Fair art fairs

Palm Springs, February 11th, 2016 – Madison Gallery is featured in this year’s Palm Springs Fine

Art Fair, Booth 209. This collection will focus on the rich aesthetics of the landscape of Palm

Springs in tandem with its rich culture and history. Works by Jeff Kahm, Dina Goldstein, Donald

Martiny and RETNA will be featured.

In the tradition of indigenous cultures, Jeff Kahm uses abstract and geometric motifs to create

and convey meaning; such forms were pivotal to the early development of visual cultures across

many societies. Dina Goldstein’s photographic series, ‘In the Dollhouse’ plays out as a narrative,

peeking into the home and marriage of the world’s most iconic dolls, Barbie, and her partner Ken.

It offers a profound commentary on the transient nature of beauty, the difficulty of marriage and

the importance of authenticity.

Breaking from the traditional rectangular forms associated with painting, Donald Martiny creates

Gestures; a series of free-formed paintings constructed from polymer and dispersed pigments.

Martiny forgoes the canvas entirely to create gestural abstraction in these dynamic brushstrokes.

As a former street artist, RETNA captures the idea of a universal language. This language is

composed of symbols inspired by Egyptian hieroglyphics, Arabic, Hebrew and South Pacific

languages. His ubiquitous style has made him one of the most well collected artists of his


*For VIP tickets, please contact us at 858-459-0836 or as tickets are


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