Point Bornova Residence Izmir, Turkey, 2016

World famous poet Robert Montgomery, who wrote poems dedicated to MEKANA and geography exhibited his strings with extraordinary methods, wrote lines dedicated to Izmir mentioned in Homer’s epics. Montgomery’s strings about Izmir are exhibited on the roof of Point Bornova, the new meeting point of the city.

unnamed 5 Point Bornova Residence Izmir, Turkey, 2016 press

Kavuklar GY, in collaboration with ISTANBUL’74 for Point Bornova Residence, realized an artistic project with Robert Montgomery, one of the most exciting contemporary artists of today’s contemporary art. Poetry defending the 21st century will again find a place in the contemporary art world with its unique style and exhibits the work of Robert Montgomery, Turkey is one of the most beautiful cities dedicated to Izmir wrote two string. The poem, which Montgomery wrote and transformed into a typographic installation, was placed on the roof of Point Bornova with meticulous work. With its special illumination, “QUIETLY BEFORE MORNING, THE SEA MUST HAVE DREAMED THE CITY”, which is visible from many points of the city, salutes the city from Point Bornova.

Robet Montgomery, who visited İzmir, where he is very impressed with his work, is a poem consisting of ten words about his special work in Izmir. The definition of ‘From the day to day’ here has two different meanings for me. You hear the sound of the sea before people are still awakened from their sleep, and the sea was always there, and it was as if he had imagined it. you can see, is really a very special place. So I wrote in my dedication to the concept of time I wanted to handle the poem as a two-way, “he said. Point Bornova ‘is the most suitable place where these strings can be placed.

Point Bornova, the world’s most successful architecture group from HOK and HOK in Turkey dating Izmir’s sea by deep green mountains and Kavuklar stated that designed the city concept draws attention with its architecture is Kavuklar Metehan President GY Group and sea to the mountains to extending Point Bornova concept He stated that they are based on İzmir and the architecture of the project matches the strings of the poet. Kavuk, “This is a door to open the world of Izmir, Izmir, not only in terms of shopping and life, but also in fashion, culture and art in the heart of a meeting point,” he said. With these strings, Point Bornova turned into a work of art that cost Izmir, “he said. 

-Mehmet KURT / İZMİR,

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