Ángel Ricardo Ríos , Lino Lago & Damian Aquiles: Voices

unnamed 768x1024 Ángel Ricardo Ríos , Lino Lago & Damian Aquiles: Voices exhibitions past

Madison Gallery presents Voices, a group  exhibition featuring the work of Ángel Ricardo
Ríos, Lino Lago and Damián Aquiles. These three Latin artists bring their independent
voices and aesthetic sensibilities to the contemporary art world. They create a
universal language of common expression to convey their message; a message of
beauty and life.

Cuban born Ángel Ricardo Ríos’ work emphasizes the dialogue between artist and canvas. He refuses the standard methods of painting and employs his hands as his main tool. His work is ultimately an exploration of human truth and eroticism. To understand Ricardo’s work one must acknowledge two essential elements. The first is a playful, joyful and intimate relationship that takes the form of an intense, frenzied sexual nature within the composition. Juxtaposed to this is one that is more relaxed and direct.

Spanish artist Lino Lago explores color and art history while referencing to Pop Art sensibilities in Fake Abstract Series. With one clear sweep he brings a classic Master portrait painting into the foreground like a untold secret. This series challenges the intricate dichotomy between classic and contemporary aesthetics as it confronts the minimalism of a monochrome with a detail of a masterpiece. 

Damián Aquiles chooses to work with found materials from his native Cuba, such as, Russian and Hungarian vintage cars, water tanks and refrigerators for the concentrated energy that emanates from them, by recycling these materials; he uses their previous life, energy and history to tell his own story in the Walking Men Series.

The gallery is not accepting any unsolicited submissions at this time